White Aggression

White Aggression



Stephen “Jonesy” Jones had the idea of forming a band in April 1987 and this appeared as White Aggression by September 1987. The line up was Jonesy on vocals, Spen on bass, Dean on guitar, and David “Blakey” Blake on drums. None except Spencer “Spen” Liggett from the band British Born (Guttersnipe Army) had played in a band before. After it was discovered there was already a Swedish band with the name White Aggression (Vit Aggression) the English band changed their name to English Rose just a couple of months before their debut gig.



Official Productions

1987 – Practice – Own Production – Cassette


Track Lists

01. Uprising
02. Race & Nation
03. Knocked Down
04. Forgotten Hero
05. Sound Of White Noise
06. Racial Harmony – Never