Criminal Tendencies


An English skinhead Oi! band from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Originally started by Cliff Warmby former drummer with The Straps and Angelic Upstarts roadie. Starting off as Criminal Tendencies in 1981 to 1983 and then at the beginning of 1984 the band became Condemned and after a short time renamed themselves again to Condemned 84.

The original lineup was Cliff Warby on drums, Dave Balaam on guitar, Kev Driscoll on vocals, Anthony Quinn on bass. The final line up was Cliff Warby on drums, Kev Driscoll on vocals, Glen (Gunk) Parker on bass, Chris (Baysie) Bayes on guitar.

In 1982 Anthony Quinn quit the band who was replaced by Ipswich Glen Parker. Because of all the travelling to practice in either Bury St Edmunds or Ipswich Dave left the band in early 1983. Which was just as the band were starting to get some gigs booked. Glen’s knew Chris Bayes from Colchester and he was recruited to the band.

The bands first real gig was in Bury St Edmunds in 1983. This also was the bands first and last gig as Criminal Tendencies. After some difficulties between some band members the band was dissolved. In the following year, Cliff, Glen, and Chris reformed the band under the new name Condemned and then Condemned 84.



Official Productions

1980 – Live – own production – Live MC
1981 – Practice – own production – Demo MC
1983 – Practice/Demo – own production – Demo MC


Track Lists

Skinheads, Gang Warfare, Riot Squad, Blunt, Badman (Cockney Rejects), Bootboys (Slaughter & The Dogs), Ulster (Sham 69).