Frontline Soldier

Frontline Soldier



Four piece Oi! to RAC band from London. With Młody “Young Patrick” Patyk (The Gits) on bass, Paweł “Patrick” Szarek (The Gits) on guitar, Westley “Wez” on vocals and Reggie on drums.

The proceeds from this production were used to fund the ongoing campaign to bring back capital punishment for child murderers. The album was dedicated to the memory of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.


Official Productions
2008 – Voice of the Nation – F.S. Records – UK – CD

Track Lists

Voice of the Nation
01. You Don’t Scare Us (2:58)
02. Frontline Soldier (2:28)
03. The Butcher’s Secretary (Maxine Carr) (2:37)
04. Soham Monster (Ian Huntley) (3:51)
05. Rapist (3:20)
06. Brighton Bummer (3:03)
07. Junkie Scumbag (3:59)
08. Make a Atand (2:28)
09. Race Killer (2:20)
10. The Hooded Mugger (2:57)
11. Drug Dealer (5:30)