Peter & The Wolf

Peter & The Wolf


Peter And The Wolf were one of the first original RAC bands. Already going in 1981 they played several concerts alongside Skrewdriver, Ovaltinees, and the Die Hards. After the original singer Peter left then band, Mark took over on vocals and another Pete played drums. The band was ended in 1984 when Mark the second vocalist left the band.

With the band finished they never got the chance to record a LP. Several songs were rehearsed and recorded in bad quality in the kitchen of Matthew’s mother.

All these recordings were put to CD under the title Antisocial and release by a Bulgarian label in 2000. There are still some rare and unreleased recordings including Terrorist Attack, Terminal Cancer, CND, Wanker, Bobby Sands, One Way Street, and Blow Out still all unreleased.

The final line up was Mark Taylor on vocals, Matthew on guitar, Dan (Zombie) on bass, and Pete (AH) on drums.



Official Productions

2000 – Antisocial – Regenerate Records – Bulgaria – CD

Track Lists

01. Glue sniffer (3:09)
02. Raped (2:54)
03. Jack the ripper (1:27)
04. 3 minute silence (2:42)
05. Antisocial (1:54)
06. E.t. (2:29)
07. Hi jacked plane (2:10)
08. Get out (2:10)
09. Conditional disharge (1:21)
10. No one (2:01)
11. Livingstone (2:23)
12. Joe public (Ovaltinees) (1:44)
13. Hi jacked palne II (2:08)
14. Glue sniffer II (3:14)
15. Raped II (3:05)