Formed in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales in the early 1990. The line-up was Roger, vocals, Miffy on guitar, Stinko on bass and Acky on drums. After most of the members of Violent Storm were killed in March 1992, Stinko folded Blackout and along with Miffy formed Celtic Warrior with Billy. In early 1998 Stinko, Brad and Freeman from Celtic Warrior reformed Blackout. They recorded two songs, ‘Hey Racial Brother’ and ‘Kill Me Before I Die’, (which had vocals by Stinko), both appeared on the ‘Voice Of Britain’ compilation C.D. They changed their name to P.O.W. (Pride Of Wales) for the C.D. ‘Voice Of Britain Vol. 2’ so that it did not appear as though they were on both volume one and two.

The reformed Blackout members in 2005 included David “Brad” Braddon on vocals, Andrew Heggie and Stephen Deverall who released their first album in 2007.



Official Productions

2007 – Spirit of the Warrior – Rampage Productions – CD

2011 – For The Blood Of Our Land – Silurian Productions – CD


Live Albums and Bootlegs



A Tribute to Ken & Brutal Attack (03. End of my race)
Blood & Honour – Britain awake! (12. This is my country)
Summerfest 2007 (01. Blackout, 02. Spirit of the warriors, 03. The unger)
Voice Of Britain Vol.1 (01. Kill Me Before I Die, 02. Hey Racial Brother)


Track Lists

Spirit of the Warrior
01. Spirit of the Warrior (3:54)
02. The Hunger (3:14)
03. Mental welsh Bastard (3:22)
04. Motherland (4:30)
05. Valhalla awaits (4:56)
06. Handing them the Knife (4:38)
07. Before it gets to late (4:21)
08. Sorrow (5:11)
09. When our time comes (4:04)
10. Blackout (2:51)
11. What the Fuck (2:14)
12. End of my Race (2:40)
13. Requiem (4:47)
14. This is my Country (6:44)


For The Blood Of Our Land

01. Intro
02. New day
03. Poisoned Minds
04. Battle Cry
05. Lost Battalions
06. Out of Reach
07. Fight and Die
08. Black September
09. For the Blood of our Land
10. Seed of Hope
11. White Man Awake
12. Keep the Valkyries at bay
13. Viking
14. Working Class Man
15. Hidden track