Vicious Rumours

Vicious Rumours


This is another great Oi! band from the early 80’s who managed to be active till the late 90’s. Formed in 1979 from South London by vocalist/guitarrist John Mundy. The band had a numerous changes in their line up, and not till ’83 the managed to keep it stable. Vicious Rumours had their first show opening for The Business and later supporting bands like the 4 Skins and ‘Infa Riot’. By the mid 80’s, the band managed to get lots of respect in the Oi! scene with the release of their first LP ‘Anytime Day or Night’ released by former skinhead and now anti-fascist Roddy Moreno’s record ‘Oi! Records’ in 1986. By the release of their second LP the band started to change their image a bit, and started to walk away from the Oi!/Skinhead scene. Saying they did not want to have anything to do with the ‘aggro’ no more. ‘The Sickest Men in Town’ LP was released in ’87 by Moreno’s records once again. Both LP’s would later be repressed by ‘Captain Oi! Records’ onto a cd, as well as releasing ‘The Best of Vicious Rumours’ in the year of 2000. The band managed to be part of many Oi! compilations during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The band came to an end by late 1990’s. The band later reformed in 2001, and did a gig in Germany. Their comeback did not last long, and Vicious Rumours was once again forced to split their ways. The band always came out as a apolitical band. Even though in the late 70’s, John supported the British Movement and did early shows with some RAC bands, which later cut all relations with any political sides.



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1986 – Anytime Day Or Night

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Track Lists

Anytime Day Or Night

1. Anytime Day Or Night
2. Long Time No See
3. Too Close For Comfort
4. 3 Stripes On Your Arms
5. Runaway
6. Chopper RIP
7. Soul Patrol
8. What’s A Nice Girl Like You
9. Tealeaf
10. What’s The Pair On That
11. This Is Your Life