Punk / skin band from the early 1980’s. From New Mills, Derbyshire, England. Blitz was labelled as a punk band even though two members were skinheads and the other two were punks. They were enthusiastically championed by Sounds Magazine writer Garry Bushell, though guitarist Nidge would later go on to denounce Bushell.

Although considered an influential Oi! band, the band members simply described themselves as a punk band. They signed to the record label No Future in 1981, and their first release was the 7″ EP All Out Attack and 1000 copies were made which all quickly sold out. The following year Voice Of A Generation LP was released which didnt include All Out Attack tracks. The band began to change their lineup for the first time. In 1983 Blitz released their second full-length album – Second Empire Justice LP again on the No Future label. Many fans were disappointed with this offering as the band had changed their style and many accused them of not being a punk band anymore. By the early 1990’s the band had split due to musical differences between the remaining band members.

Several years after the original Blitz lineup split in 2007, guitarist Alan “Nidge” Miller recruited new members and performed concerts under the Blitz name. The band did a tour the same year and on February 10, 2007, Nidge Miller was hit by a car and died instantly after accidently walking on to a freeway after a show in Austin, Texas. Since that the band have called it quits.



Official Productions

1981 – All Out Attack – EP

1982 – Never Surrender / Razors in the Night 7″

1982 – Warriors 7″

1982 – Voice of a Generation – LP

1983 – New Age / Fatigue 7″

1983 – Solar / Husk 7″

1983 – Second Empire Justice – LP

1983 – Telecommunications / Teletron 7″

1988 – Blitzed – An All Out Attack – LP

1989 – The Killing Dream – LP

1993 – Best of Blitz – CD

1994 – Blitz Hits – CD

1999 – The Complete Blitz Singles Collection

2000 – Voice of a Generation: The No Future Years

2001 – Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83

2005 – Never Surrender (Best Of)



1981 – Carry on Oi

1982 – Punk And Disorderly (Someone’s Gonna Die)

1987 – Seeds IV Punk

1996 – The Crazy World of Punk

???? – Oi! Chartbusters Vol 1-2-3-4