Project band of Paul Burnley of No Remorse. Lyrically different than either No Remorse or Public Enemy with a more rock n roll guitar sound than RAC. The band released their single and only album with the line up of Paul Burnley on vocals, Rob on drums, and Roger on guitar.



Official Productions

1998 – Hammer Of The Gods – Midgaard Records – CD002 – Sweden


Best of Patria Vol. 2 (05. Wheels of fire)
1991 – Gods of War Volume 3 – White Power Records – WP 013 ( 22. Stormbringer)
Harte Zeiten, Harte Pflichten Vol. II (05. Wheels of fire)
1991 – No Surrender Volume 4 – Rock-O-Rama 104 (10. Wheels of Fire, 11. Revenge will be sweet, 12. In the Time)


Track Lists

Hammer Of The Gods
01. Stormbringer
02. Wheels of Fire
03. Revenge Will Be Sweet
04. In the Time
05. The Awakening
06. Swords of England
07. Rebel
08. Hammer of the Gods
09. England