Razor Sharp

Razor Sharp



Early 1980’s English RAC band formed in 1983. Members included Mike on vocals, Bob on guitar, Jon on bass and Penn on drums. A demo tape with Jason on vocals was made in late 1985.



Official Productions
1985 – Demos and Practice – own production – MC
1985 – Proud to Be White – own production – MC

2022 – Proud to Be White – RAC – 003 – UK – vinyl

Limited edition, numbered, unofficial re-issue in red clear vinyl limited to 238 copies with a black cover. There was another version issued with a red cover limited to 75 copies.

???? – Proud to Be White – Not on label – UK – CDr

Limited edition, numbered, unofficial re-issue on CDr. Limited to only 7 copies.


Track Lists

Demos and Practice
A1 What Do They Know
A2 Ten By Ten
A3 White Revolution
A4 Judge & Jury
A5 Fight For Dignity
A6 Power Mad (Tory Tory)
A7 From Russia With Love
A8 Not A Con
A9 Johnny Temple
A10 Repatriation
A11 The Fuck Ups Of Repatriation
A12 Not A Con (Remix)
A13 Johnny Temple (Remix)
A14 Repatriation (Remix)
B1 Greenham Common Lessies
B2 Not A Con
B3 Johnny Temple
B4 High
B5 From Russia With Love
B6 Never Get Bored
B7 Razors In The Night
B8 Wonderful World
B9 C’mon Everybody
B10 Arthur Scargill

Proud to Be White
A1 What A Con
A2 Johnny Temple
A3 Repatriation
A4 What Do They Know
A5 Ten By Ten
A6 White Revolution
B1 Dying 1234
B2 Union Jack Fight For Dignity
B3 Fought For Freedom
B4 National Service
B5 Repatriation
B6 Live Song Suffolk 1985