Violent Storm

Violent Storm



A Cardiff, Wales based RAC band. They played a unique mix of punk and metal with lyrics about race, class, the IRA, and hooliganism. Violent Storm got their start in 1986 with Billy Bartlett on vocals, Paul on bass, Brian Sheeley on guitar and Darren Sheeley on drums.

The bands career came to an abrupt end in 1992 when 3 out of 4 band members died in a car accident on their way to the airport to play one of Spain’s first R.A.C. festivals. The festival went on as planned, but the bands added a moment of silence for their departed friends. Not too long after the car accident communist S.H.A.R.P. skinheads sprayd graffitti on Violent Storm’s local pub with the words “FOUR DOWN ONE TO GO”.

Billy the vocalist of Violent Storm went on to form the band Celtic Warrior which was which was named after Violent Storm’s first and only full length album. He also has worked on several projects bands including The Order.

Almost four years after the band were nearly all tragically killed, their original album was released. The reason for the delay was because the tapes were with the mother of Brian and Darren Sheeley since the accident and due to the loss of her two sons she kindly asked Billy to get the album released.


Official Productions

???? – Demo – ????? MC

1990 – Land Of My Fathers – Rebelles Européens – RE 45 22 90 – 7″ single

1992 – Celtic Warrior – I.S.D. Records – CD

Bootleg Reissue

1995 – Celtic Warrior – I.S.D. Records – CD


1989 – Violent Storm & Skullhead – Third Way – Counter Culture Records (UK) – 7″ EP CCR1


Sword and Cross (11. Epitaph)
White Resistance Vol. 1 (07. Land of my fathers, 08. Combat the nation, 09. Mad world)
White Resistance Vol. 2 (13. Violent Storm)

Track Lists


01. Combat the nation (2:28)
02. Land of my fathers (2:42)
03. Madworld (1:44)
04. Unemployed voice (1:58)

Land Of My Fathers
01. Land of my fathers (2:41)
02. Mad world – Combat the nation (2:26)

Celtic Warrior

01. Pure Impact (3:34)
02. A Europe of the People (2:05)
03. No Cause (2:54)
04. Celtic Warrior (4:18)
05. On the Attack (2:57)
06. We’ll Keep on Fighting (3:33)
07. The Price of Freedom (3:42)
08. Armed Forces (2:13)
09. Violent Storm (2:29)
10. Time Bomb (1:53)
11. Now or Never (2:23)
12. The Right to Be Proud (3:48)
13. White Eagles (3:28)
14. The Same Inside (3:01)
15. Stand or Hide (2:35)
16. Epitaph (2:06)

Violent Storm & Skullhead – Split EP

01. Blame The Bosses

Violent Storm
02. Celtic Warrior
03. Unemployed Voice