This English band was formed in 2003 and the first line up consisted of Graham (Avalon) on guitar, Rob on drums and Charlie, (Another Mans Poison, Legion Of St George) on vocals. After which the band found a more permanent line up of Charlie on vocals, Rob (Legion Of St George) on guitar, Will (Whitelaw) on guitar and Rob (Legion of St George) on drums. The band finished when Charlie moved to Australia.



Official Productions

2003 – That’s the Spirit! – Thule Imperium Records Publications – CD06 – CD – USA


No One Like’s Us – We Don’t Care (11. Joint the Chant)
Tribute to Skrewdriver Vol.2 (21. Voice of Britain)

Track Lists

That’s The Spirit!

01. Ready Now (2:14)
02. Axe To Grind (4:14)
03. Appeasers (2:37)
04. Rock Against The Commies (2:05)
05. Rising Fear Of The State (3:08)
06. Pureblood (3:03)
07. Homeshores In Sight (2:57)
08. Last Days (4:48)
09. Hometown (1:52)
10. Jewel In The Sea (3:40)