Angela Rippon’s Bum

Angela Rippon’s Bum



Oi! band formed in 1981 in the town of Tilbury, England, known for having a tough gangs of skinheads in the 70’s and 80’s. Gangs such as the Tilbury Skins and the Anti Paki League supported the band.

The band is named after a British female radio and television presenter who at the time was on daily TV programmes such as “Daybreak”, “Good Morning Britain” and the “Antiques Roadshow”.

Originally half Mod the band became skinheads and members included Dave Strickson on guitar, “Hersham” on drums, Tony Barker on vocals and Tony Fitzgerald on bass. They played over 20 shows supporting bands like the Last Resort, The Business, and punk bands such as The Exploited and The Ejected. The band often had more gigs cancelled than actually went ahead.

The band played with the Ovaltinees at the Red Lion in Gravesend. Where both bands supporters started fighting. Afterwards the band changed their name to Gateway To Hell just to play some gigs without attracting more trouble. The band’s last gig was trouble free at Feltham Football Club.

In 1983 the band eventually split up mainly due to the violence their gigs attracted and the only skinhead left in the band was Dave. The band were offered the band role in the TV Play “Oi! For England” but the band didnt want to shave their hair. After the Feltham gig both Barker and Hersham left the band. Although Dave and Tony Fitzgerald did go onto be members of Chapter with Micky Fitz and Steve from The Business but this band never progressed.

For not being a very well known band, Angela Rippon’s had a massive skinhead following and were known for having raucous shows. The band never released any full lengths or EPs, but they did participated in the compilation ‘Back On The Streets’ released in 1982.

In 2000 ‘Guilty Records’ collected all of their demos, live recordings and the songs that came out in the compilation and released a full length CD titled ‘Nice Arse Shame About The Face’, that same year an EP of the songs that were on the Back on the Streets compilations were released under the same name of the CD. Around 550 copies were pressed for the CD release.



Official Productions
2000 – Nice Arse Shame About The Face – Guilty Records – France – 7″ Vinyl
2000 – Deaf And Dumb Not Blind – Own Production – UK – CDr

2007 – Deaf And Dumb Not Blind (Demos and Rarities) – Pirate Love Records – Pilo 001 – Russia – CD

1982 – Back On The Streets – Secret Records – SHH138 – UK (B3. Fight For Your Lives) – 7″ vinyl.
1995 – Secret – The Punk Singles Collection Volume Two – Anagram Records – CD PUNK 60 – UK – CD – (Fight For Your Lives)
1996 – Secret – The Punk Singles Collection Volume Two – Captain Oi! – AHOY LP 507 – UK – vinyl LP – – (Fight For Your Lives)
2020 – Oi! The Albums – Captain Oi! – AHOYBX378 – UK – CD – (4-20. Fight For Your Lives)
2023 – Oi! The Singles – Captain Oi! – AHOYBX393 – UK – CD – (4-11. Fight For Your Lives)


Track Lists

Nice Arse Shame About The Face
A1 – We’ve Got It Sussed
A2 – Dirty Old Man
B1 – Living in England


Deaf And Dumb Not Blind
1. Not Guilty
2. I Want Out
3. Skinheads Run Berserk
4. Fight for your Life
5. Normal Steel
6. Okey Cokey
7. Bank Holidays
8. Say Nothing
9. Dirty Old Man
10. We’ve Got It Sussed
11. On My Own
12. Poverty
13. Kill The Bill
14. Glue Sniffing Kids
15. 100 Fashions
16. Disco Destruction
17. Working Class Dream
18. Robot
19. Living in England
20. Not Guilty
21. Foreign Nightmare
22. The Sorer
23. Where Were You?
24. Nowhere World