A.B.H. standing for Actual Bodily Harm this band was from Lowestoft, UK. They were one of the few nationalist punk bands around at the time.

Formed in early 1981 when the bassist Nigel Boulton and drummer Tony Cullingford started playing under the name Stretcher Case. Initially this band played covers of Damned and Sex Pistols tracks. Then the guitarist Chris Brinton and vocalist John Brinton, both left the band and were replaced by Steven and Pete Chilvers on vocals formerly of the Cycle Sluts. With the line up of Pete Chilvers on vocals, Nigel Boulton on bass, Tony Cullingford on drums and Steven Curtis on guitar the band changed their name to A.B.H. in July 1982.

This line-up remained for the rest of A.B.H. They played in London and closer to home with punk bands including The Exploited, Peter And The Tube Babies, The Lurkers, Broken Bones, New Model Army and Chelsea.

The band recorded their first demo tape on 17th July 1982, which consisted of the tracks ‘999’, ‘Country Boy Rocker’, ‘Wanna Riot’ and ‘Teenage Aggression’. The band contributed tracks to the compilations ‘Oi! Of Sex’, and ‘A Country Fit For Heroes Volume 2’. The later compilation title being a slogan of Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists.

In early 1983 they recorded their second demo tape, which consisted of the tracks ‘Concrete Jungle’, ‘Kids Of The Nation’ ‘Pissed On Arrival’ and ‘Don’t Mess With The S.A.S’.

Just before the band split-up towards the end of 1983 they wrote the song ‘Nerves Of Steel’ for the cult 7″ This Is White Noise.

Chilvers and Boulton went on to the The Silly Vicars, Curtis and Cullingford did their own things together and independently out of the scene. Pete Chilvers was in the army working in Afghanistan in 1986 and 1988 with the moslem terrorist group Mujahadeen against the Soviet Army and in the early 1990s working in Bosnia and Croatia with the peace stabilization force.

In an interview in the late 1990s, Pete Chilvers and Nigel Boulton backtracked over their involvement with the ‘This Is White Noise’ E.P. claiming it was a “mistake”.

British label Captain Oi! released their pre-White Noise material on a split-CD with Cambridge Oi! band Subculture in 1998.


Official Productions
1982 – Demotape 1 – Own Production – MC
1983 – Demotape 2 – Own Production – MC
1983 – Live at the 100 Club – Own Production – MC

Live Albums and Bootlegs
1983 – Live at 100 Club – Bootleg – CD
2008 – Pissed on arrival – Bootleg – EP

1998 – A.B.H. & Subcultur – The Oi! collection – Captain Oi! – CD

100% British Oi! (CD 1: 01. Don’t mess)
Debout! – Vol. 6 (21. Nerves of steel)
This is white noise! (04. Nerves of steel)


Track Lists


Demotape 1
01. 999
02. Country boy rocker
03. Wanna riot
04. Teenage aggression

Demotape 2
01. Concrete jungle
02. Kids of the nation
03. Pisssed on arrival
04. Don’t mess with the S.A.S.

Live at 100 Club
01. Concrete jungle (1:45)
02. Pissed on arrival (2:39)
03. 999 (1:50)
04. Brave new world (1:59)
05. Teenage aggression (1:27)
06. Country boy rocker (2:21)
07. Wanna riot (1:46)
08. Don’t mess with the S.A.S. (1:39)
09. Lets stick together (1:37)
10. Kids of the nation (3:00)

Pissed On Arrival
01. Pissed on arrival
02. Kids of the nation
03. Concrete jungle
04. Teenage aggression
05. 999

A.B.H. & Subcultur – The Oi! Collection
01. Country boy rocker
02. Wanna riot
03. Don’t mess with the S.A.S.
04. 999
05. Teenage aggression
06. Concrete jungle
07. Kids of the nation
08. Pissed on arrival