Resistance 77

Resistance 77



Nottinghamshire based band was formed in 1979, with the original line up of Ian (Oddy) Hodson on vocals, Keiron Egan on vocals, Guy Naylor on guitar, Gary Naylor on drums and Mick Clarke on bass.

The band originally chose to play under the name The Anti-Heroes but soon changed to Resistance 77 because the bands music was more 1977 style punk/Oi!

Their first gig was in late 1980 at the South Normanton Miners Welfare Club. This was soon followed by a first release on the Riotous Assembly compilation EP of the Bricks In Brixton track. The bands first own release was in late 1982 with Nowhere To Play EP which sold 3,000 copies and reached number 5 in the Sounds punk charts.

In 1983 Guy Naylor left the band and was replaced with Marc Ludlam and the band released a few tracks on the Rot Records LP compilation called Wet Dreams. The line up was now Ian (Oddy) Hodson on vocals, Keiron Egan on bass/vocals, Marc Ludlam on guitar, Gary Naylor on drums.

The same line up went on to record the 1984 Vive Le Resistance and the album Thoroughbred Men.

In 1988, Paul Marshall replaced Gary Naylor on drums. The band did various sell out gigs. Their new single titled, You Reds in homage to Nottingham Forest reaching the 1990 Cup Final. This was actually requested by Forest and England footballer Stuart Pearce who had seen Resistance 77 play live and was into punk/Oi! music.

At the same time Marc Ludlam left the and and was replaced by Rob on lead guitar and in 1992 Spike joined the band to play rhythm guitar as the band grew ever more popular. After the bands Thoroughbred Men was re-issued on CD, Rob and Spike left the band and Tom Young took over on guitar in 1996 completing the 4 members.

Starting in 2000 the band played ever more gigs at home and abroad. The following year the bands Retaliate First cd album was released and Tom left the band to go to university in August 2001. His replacement was Ellis Waring who first played for the band in October 2001 in Manchester.

The band then played more UK gigs, and in the USA, Jersey, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic.

In 2004 saw the first DVD live in Trutnov released and live in Rakovnik Punk fest. Following the CD release of Long Time Dead in May 2004 saw Paul Marshall leave in December after 16 years with the band and was replaced by Stuart Meadows who started at the January 2005 gig in Sheffield.

By April 2008 Stuart Meadows left the band to join English Dogs. Paul Marshall returned and played drums the following month. Lee Brookes joined the band in July 2008 taking over drum duties.

This new line up recorded The Spirit Of St George and Formans in early 2009, both which went on The Spirit Of St George in April 2009. Lee Brookes left the band in December 2010 and saw Sam Brown replace him starting in February 2011.

The line up as of 2011 is Keiron on bass, Ellis on guitar, Sam on drums, Oddy on vocals.


Official Productions
1982 – Nowhere to play – ??? – EP
1983 – Vive Le Resistance – EP
1984 – Thoroughbred men – ??? – ??
1990 – You Reds – 7″
1996 – Thoroughbred Men – Captain Oi! Records – CD reissue
2001 – Retaliate First – Captain Oi! Records
2004 – Long time dead – CD
2005 – Born To Resist – R27 Records – CD
2005 – My England Single – R27 Records – DVD
2005 – You Cant Fool Me – R27 Records – DVD
2006 – Songs For The Nanny State – CD
2006 – True Punk & Oi! – 7″
2007 – Punk Rock Songs – R27 Records – DVD
2007 – Far Away Single – R27 Records – CD
2009 – The Spirit Of St George – R27 Records – CD
2009 – 30 Years of True Punk & Oi! – R27 Records – CD
2010 – True Punk & Oi! – R27 Records – DVD

1981 – Riotous Assembly (Bricks In Brixton)
1983 – Wet Dreams – (04. Wet Dreams, 11 Russia) – Rot Records – UK
British Oi! Working Class Anthems (02. Brains of the nation, 10. Rich `n’ hated)
De Kastelein – The Skinhead Pub (01. Kezze in De Kestelein)

Track Lists

Thoroughbred men
01. Chelsea girl
02. Nuclear attack
03. Against all odds
04. Rock town
05. Brains of the Nation
06. Nottingham problem

Long time dead

Retaliate first

Songs for a nanny state
01. Our street
02. True punk & Oi
03. One of the boys
04. Punk rock songs
05. Pictures of you
06. Coming now for you
07. Death is my release
08. Jokes on me
09. Will they survive
10. All for one
11. Gotta go
12. On the wagon

The spirit of St. George
01. Spirit of St. George
02. F.O.R.E.M.A.N.S
03. In the gutter
04. Chelsea girl

01. Enemy
02. Will they survive
03. Russia
04. Advance factory units