Coventry based Oi! band who originally started under the name The Aids in 2004, and changed their name to Skinfull in 2008. The line up is Russ Perry on vocals, Dave Harding on bass (Criminal Class), Luke Hassett on guitar, Luke Bacon on guitar, Dom Hassett on drums. When they changed their name from Rhian Oliver was replaced by Dave and Luke Bacon joined the band afresh with Spritza on bass.

The band have played in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden with Condemned 84TMFIndecent ExposureRetaliator, Superyob, Pressure 28, 4-Skins and many more.

The band had a gig cancelled in Paris with Cock Sparrer because the Anti-Fascist Action asked Skinfull to cancel a later booked gig with the German band Endstuffe in Belgium. The band told them to fuck off and the MAD Tour booking agency threatened to withdraw Cock Sparrer from playing, so the gig promoter removed Skinfull from playing instead!


Official Productions

2010 – Drinking class heroes – Pure Impact – CD


2010 – Skinfull & Bakers Dozen – Looking for trouble Vol. 2 – MFS-Records – CD

Track Lists

Drinking class heroes
01. Smash em to the ground (3:25)
02. Pariah (2:38)
03. Friday night (2:26)
04. Hooligan (3:29)
05. Eu law (2:53)
06. Unity (3:41)
07. Love it or leave it (3:31)
08. Mr. Bouncer (2:26)
09. Suicide bomber (3:46)
10. Road rage (3:23)
11. Lapdancer (2:47)
12. DIY scene (4:56)

Skinfull & Bakers Dozen – Looking for trouble Vol. 2

Bakers Dozen
01. The ghost of british justice
02. Looking for trouble
03. Don`t take the bait
04. Face of hate
05. Day of Vengeance
06. Madman

07. Skinfull
08. Scum
09. Bulldog
10. This is OI!
11. Paradise Prison
12. We hate you